Market leading entity, often long standing with inherited customers or assets following privatisation/unbundlingunbundling Breaking down vertically integrated monopolies into separate legal entities (legal unbundling), or prohibiting ownership within the same corporate group (legal unbunbundling), to avoid conflicts of interest. For example, under the Electricity Directive, for power generation and retail supply are legally unbundled from distribution and ownership unbundled from transmission, subject to limited exceptions.. It may also hold market power.

Welcome to the Power System Blueprint!

Climate neutrality requires the full decarbonisation of the power sector. As this is one of Europe’s biggest challenges today, there is a need for speed.

The Power System Blueprint lays out how to design the regulatory context to achieve a clean, reliable, equitable and affordable European power system by 2035. The Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) pulled together the latest insights to support regulators, NGOs, governments and anyone pursuing a decarbonised European power system.

Quick guide on how to use this website:

  • The Blueprint is a schematic of regulatory solutions linked to six important central principles.
  • In the suite of regulatory solutions (also known as factsheets), you will find comprehensive information, the most important regulatory steps and further reading.
  • You can systematically work through the whole Blueprint, only select specific solutions or start from one of the eight main barriers (see barriers menu at the bottom of the homepage). Choose your own path!

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